Red Racer Releases Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack

24 New Red Racer Beers in 500mL Cans Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Red Racer Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack BoxRed Racer announces 24 unique new beers created just for the holiday season, all in 500mL cans and in one great pack.

This marks the first year where the annual winter mixer pack contains beers exclusively from Red Racer and in 500mL tall cans.

The Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack beers remain secret until the day they’re opened, just like a traditional advent calendar. Craft beer enthusiasts can be excited for a new and different beer each day.

The Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack will hit liquor stores in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba by the end of October. This mixer pack includes multiple styles of beers in a range of flavours to ensure there’s something for everyone in every pack!

“This is the first year consumers will be able to try 24 different beers from Red Racer,” says Gary Lohin, Brewmaster at Red Racer. “Everything about the Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack is new, from the beers, to the packaging, and even to the format: they’re all 500mL cans!”

Craft beer fans will not be disappointed with the 24 different beers in this winter mixer pack. What’s inside may remain a secret until you first crack the box-top, but eager fans will find plenty of styles, from lagers, to barrel aged beers, spirit-infused concoctions, and everything in between. All 24 beers are brand new, and have never been released before now.

A limited number of establishments in BC and AB will be bringing in beers from the Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack to enjoy on draught. Keep an eye on the Red Racer social media feed to find out where you can cozy up with a fresh pint!

Download a PDF of the press release here.

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