Curious For Great Craft Beer in Manitoba Eh?

Did you know that Red Racer is Canada’s most awarded craft beer?

Since being founded in 2003, the Red Racer portfolio of craft beer has been awarded top accolades around the world. From the World Beer Cup, to the Canadian Brewing awards and locally at the BC Beer Awards, the Red Racer Lineup is the most awarded craft beer in Canada.

Red Racer IPA 473ml Red Racer ISA 473ml

Red Racer is Canada’s local craft brewery and committed to working with partners across Canada. With products like the Across The Nation Collaboration that bring Red Racer together with great Manitoba breweries like Half Pints Brewing Co. and Torque Brewing Co., Red Racer collaborates on locally inspired brews available across Canada. 

Looking to find an award-winning Red Racer beer near you? Look for a selection of Red Racer brews from your local Manitoba Liquor Mart!