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Red Racer Craft Beer

Red Racer is Canada’s most awarded craft beer.

Red Racer beer is inextricably connected to a passion for the outdoors. It is connected to the people that spend their weekends pushing for the top of the next peak, racing to get in one last run for the day and those that live to seek what is around the next corner. Because you are uncompromising in everything you do – reach for the best, reach for a Red Racer.

When brewing Red Racer beer, from Pils to IPA, there is no room for compromise. Brewmaster Gary Lohin uses only the best ingredients and has dedicated his career to brewing not only the best beer possible, but the beer that he wants to drink. When you take a sip of any Red Racer, it is the result of tireless work, endless dedication and the dream of finding the perfect pint!