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  • Red Racer Across The Nation Collaboration

    Cross-Canada, craft beer mix-pack celebrating Canadian craft beer.

    The Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of Canadian craft brewers through this innovative mixed beer pack. This year’s collaboration mixed pack features new beers from 12 different breweries.

    BRONZE – Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference 2019
    Ocean Playground Belgian Tripel (Collaboration with Tatamagouche Brewing Co.)


    Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration Beers:

    British Columbia – Moon Under Water Brewery: Kermode Kiwi Saison – The Kermode, or Spirit Bear, holds great legend in British Columbia indigenous culture. The Kermode Kiwi Saison uses local BC fruit as a tribute to this magnificent creature.

    Alberta – Troubled Monk Brewery: Badlands Sour Brown Ale – The Badlands Sour Brown Ale is truly “Bad to the Bone”. In a good way of course. Paying tribute to the incredible Dinosaur National Park with a tasty and tart craft brew.

    Saskatchewan – District Brewing Co.: Manitou Dunkel – The great spirit Manitou runs deep in Saskatchewan, as does the legacy of the early German settlers whose descendants flocked to the shores of Little Manitou Lake to enjoy a classic German Dunkel.

    Manitoba – Barn Hammer Brewing Company: Narcisse Smoked Amber Saison – Red Sided Garter Snakes slither in Narcisse each spring. The world’s largest accumulation of these snakes happens just north of Winnipeg and this Amber Saison pays tribute to the annual spectacle.

    Ontario – Nickel Brook Brewing Co.: Superior Berliner Weisse – You could say that Ontarians have a “Superior”-ity complex but with lakes this big, can you blame them? This brew should live up to Ontario standards with the use of BC fruit.

    Québec – Brasserie Dunham: Eastern Townships Coffee Stout – Heading to the Eastern Townships you may want to stop in for a cup of coffee and a pint. This brew kills two birds with one stone as a classic dry coffee stout.

    New Brunswick – Grimross Brewing Co.: Higher Tides Maplebock – The great force of the tide at the Bay of Fundy is a Canadian Icon, nearly as iconic as the maple leaf and the tree that lends its nectar to this Maplebock.

    Nova Scotia – Tatamagouche Brewing Co.: Ocean Playground – Bronze medal winner at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards! The Nova Scotian coast reveals an ocean playground as far as they eye can see. On the far side of this jungle gym lies Belgium and the source of inspiration for this beer.

    Prince Edward Island – Copper Bottom Brewing: Panmure Island Bohemian Pilsner– PEI’s Panmure Island has been shaped by time with its iconic beaches and sand dunes. Making a classic pilsner too takes great care and can only reach perfection with time and patience.

    Newfoundland – Port Rexton Brewing Co.: Skerwink Haze Kveik NEIPA – Explore Canada’s Northeast on the Skerwink Trail. Pick a haze-free day and see for miles from the vista’s Newfoundland has to offer.

    Yukon – Winterlong Brewing Co.: Top of the World NEIPA – If you head far enough north, eventually all paths lead south. Beyond Yukon’s Top of the World Highway, every direction seems to lead to New England and this juicy IPA.

    Northwest Territories – NWT Brewing Co.: Mackenzie River Kӧlsch – Take a paddle down Canada’s longest river. After a long day of exploring Canada’s North, Mackenzie would have loved this refreshing and easy drinking Kolsch.

  • Red Racer Amber Ale

    Balanced malt and hop flavour

    The Red Racer Amber ale is a balance of smooth malt and light hop flavour. The toasted body with a touch of sweetness is balanced with a slightly bitter hop flavour. Columbus and Centennial hops give this beer a west-coast inspiration with light pine and citrus notes. The finish is dry and smooth with a slight lingering bitterness and roasted malt character.

  • Central City Red Racer Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    Red Racer Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    Strong and intensely flavoured pumpkin ale.

    The Red Racer Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale is a strong seasonal release for the fall season. Brewed with pumpkin and fall spices, this beer is a strong and intensely flavoured craft beer.

  • Red Racer Black Lager

    Roasted malt character.

    The Red Racer Black Lager is light and easy drinking with a roasted malt character. German malts and noble hops give this beer a traditional flavour while dark, roasted malts give a toasted darkness and bigger mouth feel than a classically styled lager.

  • New Cruiser

    Red Racer Cruiser Mixer Pack

    Cruisin’ comes easy to these light & sessionable beers.

    Three light & session-able Red Racer favourites are joined together in this easy drinking 8 pack mixer.

    This 8 x 500ml Pack Includes our Red Racer Pilsner, Hazy Dreamer, Session IPA, and Lager.

  • Red Racer Dirty Blonde Ale Product Image

    Red Racer Dirty Blonde Ale

    An easy-drinking Blonde Ale with a bit of sun-kissed colour.

    Easy drinking with a touch of sun-kissed colour, the Dirty Blonde Ale is all natural and the life of the party.

    Expect light notes of biscuit and caramel malts, combined with a lightly fruity hop profile. The result is a smooth and easy drinking blonde ale.

  • Red Racer Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack

    Countdown to the holidays with 24 new and unique beers!

    Every Day is a new beer adventure!

    Come along on a craft beer adventure with 24 days of delicious, never before experienced craft beers in 500mL cans.  From fruit flavour infusions to barrel aged beers and cocktail inspirations, the Great Canadian Outdoor Adventure Pack is your ticket to counting down towards the holidays with 24 brand new Red Racer beers!

  • Red Racer Hazy Dreamer Pale Ale Product Image

    Red Racer Hazy Dreamer Pale Ale

    Bright citrus and tropical fruit.

    Lay back and daydream while staring at the clouds. As the light fades and the moon rises, hazy dreams of this juicy and smooth pale ale will fill your head all night long.

  • Red Racer Holiday House Party 24 Pack

    A special holiday mixed 24 pack.

    The Red Racer Holiday House Party 24 Pack is the perfect mixer pack for your responsible holiday entertaining.   Includes 6 different Red Racer beers, making sure there’s something for everyone!

    4 x Session IPA
    4 x Pils
    4 x Northwest Pale Ale
    4 x Hazy Dreamer Pale Ale
    4 x IPA
    4 x Moonlight Rider Vanilla Stout

  • Red Racer Imperial IPA Product Image

    Red Racer Imperial IPA

    Big body and massive hops.

    The Red Racer Imperial IPA is dry-hopped with whole leaf hops from the Yakima Valley, combined with Maris Otter English barley, which is floor-malted in age old tradition. A long maturation ensures plenty of flavour, with strong aromatics of grapefruit, tangerine and mango.

    GOLD – BC Beer Awards 2018 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – Vancouver Magazine International Beer Awards 2016 (Strong Beer)
    SILVER – Vancouver Magazine International Beer Awards 2015 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – North West Brewing News Reader’s choice Awards 2014 (Best Overall Imperial IPA)
    SILVER – BC Beer Awards 2014 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – Canadian Brewing Awards 2013 (Imperial India Pale Ale)
    GOLD – BC Beer Awards 2013 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – Canadian Brewing Awards 2012 (India Pale Ale)
    SILVER – Canadian Brewing Awards 2011 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – Canadian Brewing Awards 2010 (Imperial IPA)
    GOLD – CAMRA BC Awards 2008 (Best Beer in BC)

  • Red Racer IPA Product Image

    Red Racer IPA

    Big Northwest Hop Flavour.

    The IPA was fashioned to survive the long voyage from England to India during the British colonization. Hops, hops and more hops! Red Racer IPA has an intense aroma and a long lingering finish. A beer for the connoisseur, this is the brewmaster’s choice.

    2nd – Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards (Most Often Consumed BC Craft Beer)
    BRONZE – Vancouver Magazine International Beer Awards 2016 (North American IPA)
    GOLD – BC Beer Awards 2015 (North American IPA)
    SILVER – CAMRA BC Awards 2014 (Best Beer in BC)
    BRONZE – BC Beer Awards 2014 (North American IPA)
    SILVER – CAMRA BC AWARDS 2013 (Best Beer in BC)
    SILVER – CAMRA BC Awards 2012 (Best Beer in BC)
    SILVER – Georgia Straight Golden Plates 2012 (Best Local Beer)
    BRONZE – BC Beer Awards 2011 (IPA Category)
    GOLD – CAMRA BC AWARDS 2011 (Best Beer in BC)
    INDUSTRY CHOICE AWARD – Penticton Fest-of-Ale 2011
    BRONZE – Georgia Straight Golden Plates 2011 (Best Local Beer)

  • Red Racer Lager

    Easy Drinking North American Style Lager.

    Red Racer Lager is a North American style lager using the finest ingredients and designed to be light bodied, refreshing, and easy drinking.

  • Red Racer Lime Margarita Gose Product Image

    Red Racer Lime Margarita Gose

    Tastefully tart tropical relaxation.

    The Red Racer ‘Spirited Series’ gives a beer take on the classic margarita. Made with real tequila, this Gose is lightly tart with a subtle saltiness that evokes the traditional beachside cocktail.

  • Red Racer Lucky Dog Chinese New Year Collaboration

    Red Racer Lucky Dog

    Lucky Dog wheat Ale brewed with kumquats.

    To celebrate the Cinese New Year and the Year of the Dog, Red Racer teamed up with Taiwan’s Redpoint Brewing Company. Made using kumquats, this is an easy-drinking, fruit-forward beer that is both complex and very refreshing. Bring in the new year with a bit of luck and a delicious craft beer.

  • Red Racer Moonlight Rider Vanilla Stout Product Image

    Red Racer Moonlight Rider Vanilla Stout

    An easy drinking stout with a hint of vanilla.

    Moonlight Rider Vanilla Stout is a light-bodied and easy drinking stout with a subtle hint of vanilla.  Brewed to be quaffable and enjoyable by anyone, this stout is the perfect perfect accompaniment to those chillier fall and winter months.

  • Red Racer Northwest Pale Ale Product Image

    Red Racer Northwest Pale Ale

    Hop forward with malt balance.

    The Red Racer Pale Ale is hand-crafted using hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley. This big, bold pale ale has a citrus aroma and a full malt body giving it a distinctive character designed to inspire the beer connoisseur in all of us.

    SILVER – Vancouver Magazine International Beer Awards 2015 (North American Ale)
    GOLD – BC Beer Awards 2011 (Pale Ale Category)
    BRONZE – BC Beer Awards 2010 (Pale Ale Category)
    SILVER – 16th Annual Taste BC 2010