Cocktails – Beatty

    • Cocktails - Beatty

    • Caesar

    • Sriracha Michelada


      The original famous Latin cocktail recipe with Red Racer Pilsner, clamato juice, sriracha sauce, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, rimmed with our spices blend and cracked pepper.

    • Long Beach Tea


      Queensborough Gin, house made orange liquor, Central City Vodka, fresh lime juice, aromatic bitters, Tanker Hard Iced Tea.

    • Buena Vista Café


      The original recipe of Buena Vista Café since 1940. Lohin McKinnon Whisky, fresh brewed coffee.

    • Beer Sangria


      "Sangria is a fantastic and refreshing warm weather drink with only one problem...there's no beer in it." Red Racer Raspberry Ale or White Ale, house made orange liquor, Queensborough Gin, fresh lime juice.

    • Mojito Iced Tea


      Pick your Betty's Tea flavour and build your own recipe of the famous Mojito. Superior rum, fresh mint, fresh limes and your choice of Betty's Tea instead of soda water.

    • Maple Julep


      The classic cocktail recipe twisted with barrel aged maple syrup, house made hoppy grapefruit bitters and Lohin McKinnon Single Malt Whisky.

    • Manhattan


      Lohin McKinnon Whisky, red Vermouth, bitters.

    • El Presidente


      White Rum, dry Vermouth, spirit of orange, dash aromatic bitters.

    • Old Cubano


      White rum, lime mint, sugar, Angostura Bitters, Hopping Mad Cider.

    • Florida Daiquiri


      White Rum, maraschino liquer, grapefruit juice, bar spoon sugar, juice of half a lime.

    • Negroni


      Queensborough Gin, Campari, sweet red vermouth.

    • Old Fashioned


      Lohin McKinnon Whisky, aromatic bitters, brown sugar.

    • Aviation


      Queensborough Gin, lime juice, maraschino liquer.

    • Whisky Sour


      Lohin McKinnon Whisky, fresh lime juice, egg white, house made bitters.

    • Spring into Gin


      Queensborough Gin combined with elderflower liquor, dry vermouth & Hopping Mad Cider.

    • Golden Margarita


      Orange & spice infused Seraph Vodka, tequila & fresh lime juice.

    • Oh Betty!


      Pick your Betty's Tea flavour and build your own recipe of the famous Moscow Mule. Central City vodka, Madagascar vanilla, fresh lime, and your choice of Betty's tea.

    • Passion Iced Tea


      Passion fruit puree, coffee bitters & Tanker Iced Tea.

    • Hopping Mad Cider

      16oz $5.50

      A dry-hopped cider blending aroma and Yakima hops with the sweetness and tartness of Cascadian apples. A cold-fermented, full flavoured cider, with hop aromatics, a sweet balance, and a crisp, tart finish. Nice!

    • Perfect Gin & Tonic


      The most refreshing and balanced Gin & Tonic you have ever tried. Queensborough Gin combined with our perfect gin & tonic infusion.

    • The Queen's Spritzer


      Queensborough Gin, your choice of red or white wine spritzer twisted with spirit of orange. Served with fresh, seasonal fruit.

    • Bacon Caesar


      The famous Caesar twisted with Seraph Vodka infused bacon and spices. Rimmed with our spices blend and served with skewered bacon, bococcini cheese, house pickled zucchini and crisp parmesan cheese.


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