Red Racer’s Across The Nation Collaboration with Manitoba’s Half Pints Brewing

Red Racer & Half Pints Canada CollaborationWorking With Half Pints Brewing on a Truly Canadian Collaboration

2017-04-ATNC-6153RRed Racer Across The Nation Mix Pack - Partnered with Four Windsed Racer has teamed up with Half Pints, one of Manitoba’s leading craft breweries to bring a truly unique craft beer experience to Canadians. Partnering with a brewery from 12 provinces and territories Half Pints brought Manitoba flavour and ingredients to this once every 150 year mix pack.

Red Racer’s brewmaster, Gary Lohin set out on this ambitious brewing project wanting to connect with locals from across the country. Manitoba residents were no exception and working with the Half Pints Brewing team, they came up with the Land of Rice & Honey – a Saison that was brewed using Wild Rice and Honey; two ingredients that Manitoba is well known for.

If you would like to try the Land of Rice & Honey plus 11 other locally inspired beers that bring together the unique ingredients and inspiration of 13 Canadian craft brewers stop by your favourite Manitoba liquor store and pick up a mixed 12 pack today. These mix packs won’t last long and are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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