Central City Wins First Place at Vancouver International Spirits Competition

Central City Brewers + Distillers is proud to announce that its limited edition, special release Spirit of Merlot has won first place in the grape brandy category in the first ever Vancouver International Spirits Competition.

Born from the pomace (skins and seeds) of Merlot grapes and craft distilled at Central City, Spirit of Merlot is a clear, medium bodied aromatic craft spirit that has a light vinous nose with notes of fruit and anise on the palate. The Spirit of Merlot can be enjoyed chilled as a digestif or mixed with espresso in a café corretto.

Central City’s distillery has been in operation since 2013 when they first opened their 68,000 sq. ft. brewing and distilling facility in Surrey. The distillery has a number of single malt, small batch, craft spirits, and are slated to launch whisky in late 2016.

Distiller Stuart McKinnon, hails from Scotland, UK, has been distilling with Central City for two and a half years.

“I have always been a big fan of the Grappa and Marc grape brandy class of craft spirits and with the help of Pacific Breeze, a local winery, we used the grape pomace from their 2014 Merlot and distilled it in our 1250 L Holstein Still,” says Stuart McKinnon, distiller at Central City Brewers + Distillers. “We are really pleased with this Spirit of Merlot and already have plans to craft more small batch, limited release spirits in the near future.”

The limited release special edition Spirit of Merlot (375 ml bottles, 40% alc./vol.) retails for $21.99 at Central City’s Brewery + Distillery store located at 11411 Bridgeview Drive, Surrey. For more information on the Vancouver International Spirits Competition, visit www.vancouverisc.com.

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