Central City Launches Ace of Hokkaido Golden Ale

New Single Hopped, Ace of Hokkaido Golden Ale from Central City Brewers

Central City has taken a fresh approach to its limited edition, seasonal release beers, with the launch of Ace of Hokkaido, a new, single hopped Golden Ale that uses Japanese developed Sorachi Ace Hops for a unique flavour profile. This seasonal offering follows the successful release of another limited release, Sour Brown I in early 2016.

“We wanted to take a different approach in developing the Ace of Hokkaido Golden Ale to highlight the unique flavour profile of the Sorachi Ace Hops,” says Central City Brewers + Distillers brewmaster Gary Lohin. “The golden ale style is a light enough brew to let the earthy and spicy hop tones come through while being able to support such a complex profile.”

The Sorachi Ace hop was first developed on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, and named after the inland, mountainous region of Sorachi. It has grown in popularity because of its unique earthy, citrus and dill flavour characteristics. The strong and powerful nature of the Sorachi Ace Hop is the inspiration behind the story of the Ace of Hokkaido.

“We were inspired by the Japanese origin of the hops in this beer and leveraged it in our name and branding,” says Tim Barnes, Vice President of Sales of Marketing at Central City Brewers + Distillers. “We created a story of a vigilante guardian, Ace of Hokkaido, who watches over the villages of Sorachi, just as he watches over the limited release of this Golden Ale.”

Roaming the mountains of Hokkaido’s Sorachi region, the Ace of Hokkaido fearlessly protects those in need. In masked anonymity, a black shitago and sheathed ōdachi mark the distinctive silhouette that sinks in to the darkness of night.

The Ace of Hokkaido Golden Ale (5% ABV) is available in draught and in 650 ml bottles and will be in liquor stores in BC and the Prairies by early May.

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