Central City Introduces Queensborough Gin

Central City Brewers + Distillers is unveiling the next chapter of its craft distilling endeavors with the launch of their latest premium spirit, Queensborough Gin.

Queensborough Gin is a premium, handcrafted small batch dry gin, rooted in a 17th century traditional London Dry recipe with a modern day Canadian twist. Queensborough Gin is a toast to blending traditional high quality distilling methods with the best local ingredients possible. Barely out of the starting gate, Queensborough Gin has already garnered a Gold medal at the 2016 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards.

Its taste profile includes citrus notes from uniquely fragrant Mountain Juniper berries from BC’s interior rocky hillsides and the highly aromatic Spruce tips from Vancouver Island. The nose offers a pleasant floral scent, and the first taste has clear pine, rosemary, jasmine and cassia notes.

Queensborough Gin is created by Central City’s award-winning head distiller Stuart McKinnon who has a distinct passion for gin.

“Queensborough Gin is a premium handcrafted distilled spirit with a smooth flavour profile. You get citrus notes from the highly aromatic spruce tips from Vancouver Island and the citrus peels, the uniquely fragrant mountain juniper berries give pine aromas, while the angelica adds a sweet musky and slightly earthy flavour,” says Stuart McKinnon, head distiller at Central City Brewers + Distillers. “Queensborough Gin is best enjoyed with a high quality tonic or soda with some fresh fruit ingredients like muddled lime or raspberries.”

In 1859, Queensborough became the first official capital of the new colony of British Columbia. The town was a bustling balance of order and hope, protecting habitants from unwanted settlers and was the gateway for the Fraser River gold rush. Soon after, Queen Victoria renamed the city to New Westminster to pay homage to Westminster, London, a small but critical corner of England’s capital city.

Queensborough Gin is Central City’s tribute to how New Westminster influenced the traditionalists and how the old world respected the new World. The handcrafted gin is a delicate balance of tradition and modernity.

Central City’s Queensborough Gin (750 ml, 43 per cent ABV) is available in BC liquor stores by end of June.

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