Gin – Surrey

    • Gin - Surrey

    • Lohin McKinnon Whisky

      Single $7.00 / Double $10.00

      Matured in premium oak barrels, this smooth and refined, small batch whisky is made from the finest Canadian malted barley, and pure B.C. water. The aroma is rich with darker fruity notes like cherry or grape, subtle honey, vanilla and pleasantly woody. The golden liquid sits on the palate with a touch of green apple skins, buttery notes, woody and softly texture mouthfeel and the finish is medium length, fruity and slightly drying at the end. Best enjoyed with a splash of cold filtered water to release the full flavour of this hand crafted gem.

    • Queensborough Gin

      Single $7.00 / Double $10.50

      Queensborough Gin is a premium hand crafted Gin, rooted in a 17th Century traditional London Dry recipe. It exhibits some citrus notes derived from the locally sourced Juniper from BC interior, and the Spruce Tips sourced from Vancouver Island. The nose offers a pleasant floral scent, and the first taste has clear pine, rosemary, jasmine and cassia notes. The finish is a smooth citrus lengthy taste brought about by the angelica roots and local spruce tips.

      Queensborough Gin has already garnered a gold medal at the 2016 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards.

    • Seraph Gin

      Single $4.50 / Double $6.50

      Crafted in our very own distillery, this gin has notes of piney juniper that give way to a citrus backbone with hints of chicory roast.

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