Menu Section: Cocktails - Surrey

Spring into Gin

Spring into Gin $9.00 Queensborough Gin combined with elderflower liquor, dry vermouth & Hopping Mad Cider.

Golden Margarita

Golden Margarita $8.75 Orange & spice infused Seraph Vodka, tequila & fresh lime juice.

Oh Betty

Oh Betty $9.00 Seraph Vodka, Madagascar vanilla, fresh lime & your choice of Betty’s Iced Tea.

Passion Iced Tea

Passion Iced Tea $9.00 Passion fruit puree, coffee bitters & Tanker Iced Tea.

Perfect Gin & Tonic

Perfect Gin & Tonic $9.00 Queensborough Gin, combined with our perfect gin & tonic infusion & garnished with a slice of cucumber.

The Queen’s Spritzer

The Queen’s Spritzer $9.00 Queensborough Gin, your choice of red or white wine spritzer twisted with spirit of orange. Served with fresh, seasonal fruit.

Bacon Caesar

Bacon Caesar $8.00/$10.00 Bacon & spice infused Seraph Vodka, rimmed with spices. Served with skewered bacon slice, bococcini cheese, pickled zucchini & a parmesan cheese crisp.