Q & A

Ask Brewmaster Gary!

Gary Lohin, Brewmaster at Central City Brewers + Distillers; Canada’s most awarded Craft Brewery, answers common questions asked by craft beer drinkers from around the world.


Why Is Craft Beer So Popular? What Makes ‘Red Racer’ So Special?


Why Are IPAs Bitter? Is There Fruit In IPAs?


How Long Does Beer Last? What Is A Growler? 


What Are Hops? How Long Does It Take To Make Beer? 


How Did You Get Into Brewing? How Did You Come Up With The Name ‘Red Racer’?


Lager Or Ale? What Is Barley Wine? 


What Are Sour Beers? What Does “Sour” Mean?


Tell Us About Your Craft Brewery + Brewing In BC!


What Are Your “Best-Sellers”?


The Brewmaster’s Opinion On The Frosted Mug + How To Get Into Brewing!


What Is Barrel-Aged Beer? Can You Age Sour Beer In Barrels?